LACNIC created the napla@lacnic.net discussion list in early 2006 with the aim of building a permanent communication platform for those interested in topics having to do with Internet Exchange Points in Latin America and the Caribbean and who were participating in the so-called NAPLA meetings included in every one of LACNIC’s annual events. This list allowed debating and preparing the agenda for upcoming NAPLA meetings. Over time, NAPLA added “Regional Interconnection Forum” to its name.

Face-to-face meetings, discussions on the mailing list and the support provided by LACNIC and ISOC led to the creation of the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Point Operators, LAC-IX (www.lac-ix.org). This provided IXP administrators with new opportunities for discussion and more specific private meetings. LACNIC, however, maintained the original communication space to continue addressing, among others, topics of interest to IXPs, regional connectivity, and CDNs.

The Forum has always been moderated by a chair chosen by the mailing list’s subscribers. This chair is responsible for coordinating meetings as well as for receiving calls for papers and sharing them with the community. Fabian Mejia has served as Regional Interconnection Forum Chair since 2013. The Forum was previously chaired by Milton Kashiwakura, Roque Gagliano and Yuri Herrera.